Students will prepare a personal budget that summarizes typical monthly expenses for a single person, living alone and newly entering the job market. The early part of the project asks you to select a career, and figure out how much income you will have in that career. The second portion of the projects asks you to decide how that income should be spent. Keep in mind that you will be required to pay income taxes, and dedicate 10% of your after taxes income to Savings in the categories of your choosing.

3rd Block Project October 1, 2018

6th and 7th Block Project Due October 2, 2018



PersonalBudget ProjectDirectionsSpring18.pdf PersonalBudget ProjectDirectionsSpring18.pdf
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PersonalBudgetTableofContents.docx PersonalBudgetTableofContents.docx
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CareerSummartQuestions2017.docx CareerSummartQuestions2017.docx
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Taxes2017.xlsx Taxes2017.xlsx
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Personal_Budget_Overview_4039.xlsx Personal_Budget_Overview_4039.xlsx
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Savings_Interest_Calculator.xls Savings_Interest_Calculator.xls
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Personal_Budget_Thought_Sheet.docx Personal_Budget_Thought_Sheet.docx
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WordPersonal_Budget_Project_Rubric_2017.pdf WordPersonal_Budget_Project_Rubric_2017.pdf
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